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Tuljapur Temple

Tuljapur known for the holy temple of Tulja Bhawani mandir (Goddess Durga). The temple is located on a hill known as Yamunachala, on the slopes of the Sahyadri range in Maharashtra near Solapur.It is said that before venturing on a military endeavor, King Shivaji always constantly looked for blessings. Legend has it that the Goddess bestow him a sword - the BhawaniTalwar - for accomplishment in his expedition.As indicated by the legend prevailing ademon by name Matanga, created havoc upon the devas and the people who approached Brahma for help were advised to request Mother Goddess Shakti, who then took up the form of the destroyer, and powered by the other(Sapta) Maataas Varaahi, Bhrahmi, Vaishnavi,Kaumaari, Indraani and Saambhavi vanquished him to empower to peace to reign again. Tuljapur is one of the four Shakti Peethas of Maharashtra where mother Goddess, Shakti is worshipped.



Akkalkot is Believed to be a reincarnation of ShriDattatreya the name of this spiritual ace, prevalently called Shree Swami Samarth and also known as the Maharaj of Akkalkot. Swami Maharaj lived for more than two decades at Akkalkot, essentially at the habitation of his devotee Cholappa, where his samadhi (tomb) and temple are currently found but still within the city limits. The shrine complex, which is known the Vatavruksh Mandir since it encases the banyan tree beneath which the swami would preach his message, is the hub of devotions for his followers. Akkalkot is discovered in region Solapur of Maharashtra state of India. Akkalkot is also well known for Gajanan Maharaj's Shivpuri, where Ancient Vedic Therapy Agnihotra is performed.



Sri Kshetra Gangapur, One of the most acclaimed Dattatreya Peethas, it is related with Sri Narasimha Sarasvati Swami, an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. It stands on the bank of the Bhima river in Afzalpur taluka in Gulbarga district of Karnataka. This Nirguna Math is embellished with the Nirguna Padukas. Bhima river and Amaraja water, especially at the spot of their confluence, are considered to a great degree blessed.


Pandharpur Temple

Pandharpur is an imperative pilgrimage city on the Bhima river in district Solapur, Maharashtra, India. It is renowned for the Lord Vitthal temple, which draws in about large portion of a million Hindu pilgrims during the major yatra (pilgrimage) in the month of Ashadh (June-July). Pandharpur enshrines Vithoba in a grand temple, it is a form of Krishna; the name Vithoba implies Father Vitthala. Vitthala is said to have been derived from the word Vishnu in Kannada. Vishnu - Vitthala worshiped at Pandharpur is derived essentially from the puranas and has been augmented by the contribution of the immense Vaishnava saints of Maharashtra from the 13th through the 17th centuries(Namdev, Jnaneshwa, Eknath, Tukaram).