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Tuljabhavani Temple Tuljapur

Tuljapur may be a city with a municipal council in Osmanabad district, Maharashtra and it is the administrative seat of Tuljapur taluka, India. Tuljapur is that the location of the annual Tulja Bhavani truthful during Navaratri (September–October). The city is home

Chintamani Temple Tuljapur

Believed to be designed somewhere within the 12th century, Tulja Bhavani Temple is a vital Hindu pilgrimage center in Maharashtra. it's aforesaid that any mention of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is incomplete while not the mention of his tremendous religion within the divinity Tulja Bhavani

Ghatshila Temple Tuljapur

The ghat Shila Temple is devoted to Lord Rama. an ancient rock temple situated within the city of Tuljapur, this Temple has a stimulating mythological adage behind it. it's believed that Lord Rama passed through these rocks (Shila) in conjunction with his brother Lakshman, within

Naldurg Fort Tuljapur

Naldurg is about 35 kilometer from the Tuljabhawani temple of Osmanabad and 45 kilometers aloof from Solapur city and is accessible through the Pune-Hyderabad highway. The Naldurg Fort is one among the strongest forts of Deccan. spread over an oversized area, it's an

Papanashi Tirth Tuljapur

Tuljapur is popularly referred to as the Land of the Tamarind trees. This spiritual places is known for the Tulja Bhavani Temple. The temple is devoted to divinity Bhawani, one among deity Durga’s forms. The divinity is believed to have been the family divinity of the Bhosales

Vishnu Tirth Tuljapur

Tuljapur is a city with a municipal council in Osmanabad. it's the executive seat of Tuljapur taluka. Tuljapur is that the location of the annual Tulja Bhavani honest throughout Navaratri (September–October). The city is home to the Tulja Bhavani Temple.The well-known temple

Sant Garibnath Mutt Tuljapur

The Sant Garibnath mutt is additionally called the Dashavatar mutt and is on the brink of the main temple of Tulja Bhawani. The mutt was engineered many centuries agone by Sant Garibnath who was an obsessive worshipper of Lord Vishnu. it's a gorgeous spot adorned with pictures portraying

Dhakte Mandir Tuljapur

Dhakte Tuljapur is known for the distinctive temple dedicated to Tuljabhavani, set on the outskirts of the village. It was back then when it was a Muslim who discovered the Idol of Tuljabhavani. Pilgrims believe that it is vital to go to this tiny temple while traveling to the most Tuljabhavani Temple.

Gomukh Tirth Tuljapur

A furious demon, Mahishasura, was harassing the gods. Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh created a pillar of the fireplace, that reworked itself into divinity Bhavani. within the battle that ensued, Bhavani Mata killed Mahishasura. The temple currently stands wherever the pinnacle of the demon is believed to

Bharati Buwa Tuljapur

Tuljapur, known for the Tulja Bhavani Temple that has been named once the Hindu divinity Bhavani, witnesses an enormous in-rush of devotees throughout the gala occasion of Kojagiri Poornima, right once Navratri. The townhouses' variety of spiritual sites amongst that Bharati Buwa's mutt has

Dharashiv caves Tuljapur

Dharashiv caves are the nexus of seven caves set eight-kilometer removed from Osmanabad town in Balaghat mountains within the Maharashtra state of India. The caves were taken note by the archeological department of India and mentioned within the book archeological survey of India

Paranda Fort Tuljapur

Paranda fort is found in Paranda tehsil at a distance of eighty kilometers from Osmanabad District’s headquarters. The fort was erected by Bahamani kings, who had the contribution of building several forts.The fort represents an example of military design and engineering.

Khashi Kund Tuljapur

Osmanabad is generally most popular by travelers. The go-to destination for varieties of travelers, be it family, kids, and couples. Osmanabad is, however, largely most popular by Family. the most effective season or months to go to places in Osmanabad. There are eighteen tourist

Mahanth Bakoji Baba Math Tuljapur

Matha of Mahanth Bakoji Baba's is settled within the south of temple premises of Tulja Bhavani Temple. The door of the temple named Shivaji Mahadwar and a passage to the proper aspect reaches this Matha. The keys of the temple are unbroken during this Matha. The Matha is found within the compound